SEAI ‘Guzzler’s Party’ Teaching Resources

This SEAI resource (published in 2023) was researched and developed by Associate Professor Orla Kelly of the School of STEM Education, Innovation and Global Studies and the Centre for the Advancement for STEM Teaching and Learning (CASTeL) in DCU Institute of Education, with her ‘Guzzler’s Party’ project partners Lucinda Jacob, author, and Alan Nolan, illustrator.  It has lots of hands-on, inquiry based and curriculum-based activities to aid primary teachers to support their young children to develop their understanding about energy. Guzzler’s Party is an illustrated story book aimed at early years preschool children and primary school classes from junior infants to 2nd class. The hero, Alina, shows how you can save energy, while Guzzler prepares for the energy party. It is available to download in English and as Gaeilge or class sets can be borrowed from your local library.

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ZADIE Functional Thinking through Patterning

ZADIE Functional Thinking through Patterning: Assessment of Mathematical Knowledge for Teaching Functional Thinking

The ZADIE project explored student-teachers’ teaching of algebra in upper primary school in Germany, South Africa and Ireland. The following resources are outputs from the research project, and include:

SAILS Inquiry and Assessment Units

SAILS Inquiry and Assessment Units showcase the benefits of adopting inquiry approaches in classroom practice, exemplify how assessment practices are embedded in inquiry lessons and illustrate the variety of assessment opportunities and /or assessment processes available to science teachers.

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Energy in Action

The SEAI Energy in Action programme provides a range of inquiry based activities that support the teaching and learning of Energy and Sustainability in the Junior Cycle Science Classroom.

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ESTABLISH Inquiry Units

ESTABLISH Teaching and Learning Units serve as exemplary materials for science teachers and educators to support the use of Inquiry Based Science Education and foster a mutually beneficial relationships between industrial, scientific, teaching and educational communities.

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Exploring our Energy

The SEAI Exploring our Energy programme provides a range of inquiry activities that support the teaching and learning of Energy and sustainability in the Primary Science Classroom.

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Science on Stage Ireland

A collection of teaching ideas and demonstrations, booklets and videos, that have been developed by Irish teachers and educators and presented at European Science on Stage Festivals.

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The SUSTAIN (Supporting Science Teaching Advancement through Inquiry) network, funded through EU Comenius, has developed an innovative IBSE-based “toolbox” on Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) on three major ESD topics Food in ESD, Energy and Everyday objects.

The Energy resource is available for download here. Further resources can be found on the SUSTAIN project website.

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The Fibonacci project has developed a number of resources for teachers and teacher education. These include Background resources which define the general principles of inquiry-based science education and inquiry-based mathematics education and of their implementation and Companion resources which provide provide practical information, instructional ideas and activities, and assessment tools for the effective implementation of an inquiry-based approach in science and mathematics at school.

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