This SEAI resource (published in 2023) was researched and developed by Associate Professor Orla Kelly of the School of STEM Education, Innovation and Global Studies and the Centre for the Advancement for STEM Teaching and Learning (CASTeL) in DCU Institute of Education, with her ‘Guzzler’s Party’ project partners Lucinda Jacob, author, and Alan Nolan, illustrator.  It has lots of hands-on, inquiry based and curriculum-based activities to aid primary teachers to support their young children to develop their understanding about energy. Guzzler’s Party is an illustrated story book aimed at early years preschool children and primary school classes from junior infants to 2nd class. The hero, Alina, shows how you can save energy, while Guzzler prepares for the energy party. It is available to download in English and as Gaeilge or class sets can be borrowed from your local library.