About Us

What is CASTeL?

CASTeL is Ireland’s largest research centre in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) education. CASTeL’s mission is to support the development of STEM learners from an early age, and so enhance the scientific, mathematical and technological capacity of Irish society.

For almost two decades, CASTeL has made significant contributions in the field of STEM education both nationally and internationally. Through evidence-based research, CASTeL is leading and advising on the development of innovative and effective curriculum, teaching and learning in STEM education across the continuum from early childhood to postgraduate level.

Moreover, CASTeL is uniquely placed to provide interdisciplinary research because of its diverse range of expertise within STEM education disciplines (Mathematics, Science, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Engineering, Digital Learning and Technology).

CASTeL encompasses research expertise from across the Faculty of Science and Health and the DCU Institute of Education – which is the leading provider of teacher education in Ireland. This enables CASTeL to be at the forefront of the development of prospective teachers’ knowledge and skills for teaching STEM subjects. Furthermore, CASTeL has the capacity to provide sustained Continuing Professional Development (CPD) in STEM education, embracing both coherence and breadth.

CASTeL is renowned for its leading role in international STEM education initiatives. Many of these centre on inquiry-based learning in which problem-solving and experimentation draw on the curiosity and observations of learners, allowing them to make sense of the world through critical thinking and reflection.

Our research team is committed to improving the quality of STEM education and raising the engagement in STEM careers. Central to this is a better alignment between the processes and outcomes of STEM research and innovation with the values, needs and expectations of society. This underpins CASTeL’s dedication to the involvement of all citizens in formal, non-formal and informal STEM education.