Workshop in Linear Algebra and Quadratic Forms – University of Galway

‘A workshop focusing on linear algebra and quadratic forms took place at the University of Galway on February 26th and 27th, 2024. The event featured presentations by speakers: Dr. Dan Hawtin (University of Rijeka), Dr. Stefano Lia (University College Dublin), Dr R. Quinlan (University of Galway), as well as Dr P. Ó Catháin (CASTeL, DCU) and Dr P. Browne(TUS).

The audience comprised undergraduate and postgraduate students from the University of Galway and ATU Galway, alongside their respective lecturing staff, as well as lecturing staff from the Technological University Shannon (TUS). Notably, five universities were represented throughout the workshop.’

‘This workshop facilitated a valuable exchange of knowledge and ideas among participants from various academic institutions, fostering a deeper understanding of these advanced mathematical concepts.’

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