Name Dr. Orla Kelly
School STEM Education, Innovation & Global Studies


Dr Orla Kelly is a Lecturer in Social, Environmental and Scientific Education. Her main teaching responsibilities are for science, history and geography education on the BEd primary programme. She is also Research Ethics Advisor for the School of STEM Education, Innovation and Global Studies and is the Church of Ireland Center Management Committee representative on the DICE project. She completed her PhD in Science Education in DCU in 2005, after which she worked as a Lecturer in Science Education at Plymouth University and then as a Lecturer in Social, Environmental and Scientific Education (SESE) in the Church of Ireland College of Education. During her time at Plymouth University she was successful in a number of joint research applications, including two research informed teaching awards and one teaching fellowship award. She was also subject leader for Science. In the Church of Ireland College of Education she was Head of Department for SESE and published her first book ‘Creative Teaching in Primary Science’.


She has research expertise and a strong publication record in the area of science education, with recent publications on creativity in primary science and education for sustainability. Her PhD research centred on problem-based learning and she has continued to develop her expertise in this through her research and teaching. Whilst at Plymouth University she developed her research capacity in the area of learning outside the classroom and education for sustainability. She has a developing profile and expertise in this area. She is a qualified drama teacher and this influences her capacity and expertise in the use of drama and storytelling in her science teaching.
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