New upskilling programme in Physics for teachers launched

In January 2021 DCU launched a new Professional Diploma in Teaching Physics (PDITP) programme designed to upskill post-primary teachers to meet current Teaching Council subject requirements in Physics at the highest level. This programme is approved by the Department of Education & Skills and this Award is delivered by DCU in collaboration with the University of Limerick & NUI Galway. The programme is free to eligible post-primary teachers and is fully funded by the Department of Education and Skills. Registered post-primary teachers who successfully complete the Professional Diploma in Teaching Physics (PDITP) will be deemed to meet the Teaching Council’s post-primary curricular subject requirements for Physics. The programme will ensure that successful candidates:

  • Acquire the theoretical and experimental knowledge of physics as well as pedagogical content knowledge that is necessary for effective physics teaching at post-primary level;
  • Demonstrate an ability to connect physics content modules and the school physics curriculum;
  • Develop a high standard of practical competence in physics teaching as reflective practitioners during their programme of study.

The programme has adopted a hybrid learning approach to supporting teachers on this two-year part-time programme. 25 post-primary teachers from across Ireland started this programme in January 2021, with a second cohort due to start in January 2022. The programme is coordinated by Eilish McLoughlin from the School of Physical Sciences. A key focus of the programme is to support teachers to carry out a practitioner inquiry on their own classroom practice under the guidance of CASTeL academics James Lovatt,  Paul Grimes and Eilish McLoughlin.

 For more information, visit the programme prospectus here