Peter Tiernan presents at the Science Summit at the UN General Assembly

Peter Tiernan presents at the Science Summit at the UN General Assembly. 
Towards closing the AI talent gap – reimagining technology education through global digital cooperation.
The session acknowledged the transformational potential of AI on individuals’ personal and professional lives and began to explore the need for global AI literacy interventions. We discussed the role of universities, public bodies, private institutions, and policymakers working together on two fronts. First, we need to focus on creating and maintaining agile digital literacy frameworks. Rather than traditional ‘report style’ publications, our frameworks should be web-based, living documents that are maintained rather than published. Digital competencies should be annotated and supplemented with relevant information concerning the implications of AI and strategies to mitigate the negatives and take advantage of the opportunities AI affords society and its citizens. Second, in order to address the AI literacy and AI talent gaps, we need to reimagine the delivery models and mechanisms when it comes to up-skilling and re-skilling society. As an education and technology community, we must could come together to create world-class, open resources that allow individuals to learn at their own pace, and in their own time.