Outdoor Learning for Primary and Early Childhood

Dates Active: 2017
Project Members:

Orla Kelly, Tommy Alyward

This project is a collaborative event involving BEd primary and Early Childhood Education students, primary teachers, primary school children and outdoor learning experts. The project will initially involve a 2 day workshop for the students and primary school teachers, developing their expertise in the area of outdoor learning and bringing the primary curriculum outside. The students, with the support of the outdoor learning experts, will then facilitate a 4 week outdoor learning programme with children from a local primary school. The students will have the opportunity to reflect on and share their experiences with students from at least one other European country. The experience of both the students and the children will be investigated.

This project is a collaboration between Dr Orla Kelly, School of STEM Education, Innovation and Global Studies, with Tomás Aylward (IT Tralee) and is funded by Higher Education Authority as part of their Erasmus+ 30th Anniversary Celebrations.