e^4 (tools in higher Education for and Embodied and creative Energy Education

Dates Active: 2022 - 2025
Project Members:

Cliona Murphy, Margaret Leahy, Greg Smith

This Erasmus plus project is aimed at supporting primary and second level Initial Teacher Education in raising awareness of possible solutions and measures needed to address global challenges posed by climate change. In particular the project will focus on energy solutions, energy and the environment and energy and society.

The broad aims of the project are to:

  • Develop and / or enrich higher education curricula though the development and implementation of innovative pedagogies for science education including, storytelling, gamification, embodied simulation, digital simulation
  • Provide professional learning opportunities to academics in ITE that will enable them to engage with these innovative pedagogies and approaches
  • Promote teaching and learning partnerships between universities and the private energy sector
  • Upskill future science teachers with new approaches to teaching about energy in science classes
  • Support the strengthening of science skills of EU citizens and professionals so they are enabled to make conscious choices and use creativity and a critical mindsets to contribute to lower CO2 emissions toward EU 2050 targets