Climate, Our Oceans and Primary STEM Education: Climate and Ocean Literacy Network Ireland and Mauritius (COLNIM) Project

Dates Active: 2021 - 2022
Project Members:

Cliona Murphy, Benjamin Mallon

This research project, funded by the Irish Research Council (New Foundations) is part of a larger project, which seeks to develop a transnational network for collaboration on climate and ocean literacy), and mobilise climate change education (CCE) expertise and resources within two island states, Republic of Ireland and Mauritius.

This current research project is focused on climate change education in the primary school national science curricular and education systems of Ireland and Mauritius. Internationally, there is a small but increasing body of research exploring the position and nature of climate change education in national curricula, however, comparative research in this area is scarce.

This research project is investigating the extent to which the primary national science curricula of Ireland and Mauritius supports climate change education, and is exploring how primary teachers in both contexts feel enabled and supported to address climate change in their science classrooms.  The project will also comprise a baseline study of primary school teachers in Ireland and Mauritius to explore their competences in and experiences of using scientific inquiry to teach about Climate Change and the ocean.

In this project Dr Murphy (CASTeL) and Dr Benjamin Mallon (Centre for Human Rights and Citizenship Education, DCU) are collaborating with and Dr Anwar Rumjaun and Dr Ravhee Bholah from Mauritius Institute of Education.