Physics Buskers at the Galway Science Festival

The physics buskers will be attending the Galway Science Festival on Sunday 27th November. Last year, the 2015 Festival saw 180 events and 35,000 primary and secondary school students take part in shows and workshops from 9th to 22nd November and 2016 promises to equally delight.

Physics Busking is a national STEM Education programme, initiated in 2005 and dedicated to increasing STEM public engagement and education through a yearlong calendar of public engagement events and science communication workshops. Working in collaboration with leading national festival and event organisers, the Physics Busking team of researchers, teachers and enthusiasts bring STEM demos and activities to the shopping streets, gardens and fields of Ireland. Our “busking performances” involve interactive experiments and demonstrations selected for maximum engagement, excitement and education.  Based on the traditional stall-type mode of busking (street entertainment), our performances can be tailored to suit almost any event.

To join the Physics Busking team, sign up to the newsletter. Places are open to science teachers, researchers and other science enthusiasts.