Name Ms. Miriam Ryan
School STEM Education, Innovation & Global Studies


Ms. Ryan is a teacher educator and researcher with interests in the areas of mathematics education at primary level, bilingual learners of mathematics, and the initial and continuing professional development of teachers of primary mathematics. She is involved in designing, delivering and assessing mathematics education courses at undergraduate and post-graduate level, and has been involved at an organisational level in Mathematics Education Ireland (MEI) conferences. She is a member of the local organising committee of the tenth conference of ERME (CERME) to take place in 2017. She was a contributing author to the recent NCCA Research Report No 17, on mathematics in early childhood and primary education.


Miriam’s  research interests include the learning of mathematics through a second language, in particular through the Irish language. She is also in interested in the development of prospective and practicing teachers in their teaching of mathematics through collaborative and democratic processes, and through Japanese lesson study.
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