Name Dr. Greg Smith
School STEM Education, Innovation & Global Studies


Dr. Smith is a lecturer in Science Education and works in the area of Initial Teacher Education (ITE). At present his main work focuses on the research, development and facilitation of ITE and continuing professional development courses in science education. He has carried out and published research in the areas of continuing professional development, teaching and learning in primary science, Inquiry Based Science Education and education for sustainable development.


Dr. Smith was the Irish principal professional development facilitator for Ireland in the European Fibonacci Project and is currently the Irish professional development facilitator for the EU Comenius plus SUSTAIN project. He is the Research and Development Officer on WSSP programme. Development and delivery of continuous professional development programmes in science for primary teachers in the schools in the West of Ireland and Dublin. This involves the development and delivery of science education workshops for teachers, visits to individual schools and encouraging teachers to use innovative teaching methodologies.
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