Name Dr. Eamon Costello
School STEM Education, Innovation and Global Studies


Dr Costello has worked in industry and university settings for over 25 years.  He holds a BA (Hons) in English Literature (I) and History (II.I) from Trinity College Dublin, a higher Diploma (Distinction) in Computer Science from University College Dublin, an MSc (I) in Software and Information Systems from National University of Ireland Galway and a Doctorate from Trinity College Dublin. His Doctoral study analysed the implications of massively distributed collaborative development processes for education and educational technology and focused on the community of the Open Source VLE Moodle. He is deeply curious about how we learn in different environments. He is also concerned with how we actively shape our world so that we can have better and more humane places in which to think, work, live and learn. He has taught and researched a wide range of topics in the places where people and technology mingle. He is an advocate of using the right tool for the job or sometimes none at all, for not everything can be fixed or should be built.


Dr Costello as a wide range of interests in digital and online learning. He is interested in the experiences of teachers and learners in spaces that are online, offline and somewhere in between. He has supervised undergraduate, Masters and PhD research students and taught and published on a range of topics with students and colleagues.

Some of these areas include Open and Distance Learning, Educational Technologies and platforms, Virtual Learning Environments, Computing Education and Computational Thinking, Open Source Software in Education, MOOCs, eAssessment, Online learning for refugees and migrants, trust in online learningvisual data literacy in learning dashboards, systematic literature reviews in digital learning, speculative fiction and combining socio-material and speculative design approaches to learning, ethics of care in learning design, multimodal methods in education research, open access publishing and open scholarshipmetaphors of EdTech,  STEM policy directions and frameworks for integrated STEM learning, design thinking in education, affective pedagogies intersections between open science and open education.

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