Application to IrJSO is by invitation only. The finalists are selected on the basis Junior Certificate Examination results. The State Examination Commission (SEC) identifies the high achievers in Maths & Science in the Junior Certificate Examination (must include A in Mathematics and Science).

If you wish to take part in the IrJSO return the completed Registration Form before the closing date.

There is no registration fee and no participation fee for the IrJSO. The student must pay all his/her own expenses incurred in travelling to and from DCU and any other personal costs incurred, e.g. B&B, meals etc.

The students must be under sixteen years of age on December 31 on the year of the competition. A student may be 15 years and 364 days old on December 31.

You can only participate in each Olympiad once.  If you are currently in TY, then you will be able to participate in IrEUSO next year (if you return your form for IrJSO this year).  However, if you are currently in 5th year, then you can choose which Olympiad to participate in.  6th year students are not eligible to participate in IrJSO or IrEUSO, even if age eligible. Click HERE to know which olympiad you should register for in 2017.

The list of returned applications is published on this web site on the date which is in the covering letter.

Email the team leaders immediately and resend your completed forms by email.

The tests are Multi Choice Questionnaires (MCQ) in Biology, Chemistry & Physics. The scientific committee may administer an additional reasoning test.

NO, and do not ask for them. The test changes every year. You are encouraged to read around the subject area. You will be presented with material that you may not have met in school that will require scientific reasoning skills, problem-solving abilities and knowledge to solve problems.

Pass Leaving Certificate.


Approximately three hours.

Calculator, pen, pencil, eraser, ruler, etc.

Take a break of approximately one hour. DCU cafes and shops are open. The closing ceremony will then take place.

All finalists are requested to and expected to attend the closing ceremony. If you wish to be excused please inform the Director.

All participants will receive a specially designed certificate.

The top three students receive gold medals, the next three silver medals and the next three bronze medals.

The gold and silver medal winners (six in total) are invited to become members of the Irish team to represent Ireland at the IJSO. The bronze medal winners are on the reserve list.