About IrEOES Round 1

Any student going to school in Ireland in Transition Year or Fifth Year who was born on or after January 1st 2007 may apply to take part in Round 1, which will be held online.

There is no registration fee and no participation fee for IrEOES. Students who qualify for Round 2 must pay all their own expenses incurred in travelling to and from DCU and any other personal costs incurred, e.g. B&B, meals etc.

The students must be 17 years of age (or younger) on December 31 on the year of EOES (the international competition). As Round 1 is usually held in October/November prior to the EOES that takes place the following April/May, this means that the students must be 16 years of age (or younger) on December 31 of the year Round 1 of IrEOES takes place.

You should receive an automated email response with a link to the test of your choice (Biology, Chemistry, or Physics).


In Round 1 the tests usually comprise Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) or short answer questions. The scientific committee may administer an additional reasoning test. The Biology, Chemistry & Physics Tests are run simultaneously, so you can only enter one of the competitions.

Yes. You must pick the correct registration form.

Yes. Just register for the one you really want to do – but only do so if you’ve really changed your mind.

NO, and please do not ask for them. The tests change every year. You are encouraged to read around the subject area. You will be presented with material that you may not have met in school that will require scientific reasoning skills, problem-solving abilities and knowledge to solve problems. It is not an exam, it is a test.

Pass Leaving Certificate.

Not in Round 1.

Round 1 takes 1 hour.

Just your brain and a calculator, nothing else – not the internet, not textbooks, not other people. Nothing else.

We will email everybody with the results within one week of completing Round 1.

No, our decision is final.