Irish Olympiad of Experimental Science

2021-2022 IrEOES/EOES

Ireland will take part in EOES2022, to be held in Hradec Králové, Czech Republic, from May 8 to May 14, 2022.

Round 1 of IrEOES 2021-2022 took place online on Saturday November 6th, 2021. A total of 230 students took part, 111 in Biology, 57 in Chemistry, and 62 in Physics. A huge thanks to all the teachers who brought the competition to the attention of their students. We will contact all participants no later than Saturday November 13th to let them know if they qualified for Round 2.

IrEOES/EOES 2021-2022

The European Olympiad of Experimental Science (EOES) is an annual science olympiad for school students from the European Union, organised by a member country of EOES NPO. In 2022 more than 20 countries are expected to each enter two teams of three participants. At EOES each team carries out two experimental tasks that combine biology, chemistry, and physics, and give students the opportunity to feel like real researchers and to pit their science skills against those of the other participants. EOES offers participants the opportunity to share experiences and meet and befriend like-minded students from all over the EU.

The first EOES was organised by Hungary and ran on-line in 2021. The plan is that EOES2022 will take place in person in the second week of May, in Hradec Králové (Czech Republic).

The Irish Olympiad of Experimental Science (IrEOES) is an individual competition that serves as the selection event for EOES. The first round takes place online and is accessible to any eligible student who wants to take part. You are eligible if you live and go to school in Ireland, are in Transition Year or in Fifth Year, and are 17 years of age or younger on December 31st of the year EOES is held. In other words, to take part in the first round of IrEUSO 2021-2022 in November 2021 that will select the teams for EOES2022, you must have been born on or after 1st January 2005. You select either biology, chemistry, or physics as your chosen subject.

Up to 40 students in each subject will be invited to take part in the second round of IrEOES, a theory test that will take place in Dublin City University. In each subject gold, silver and bronze medals will be awarded to the top achieving students. Six students per subject will be invited to take part in the third and final round of IrEOES. These students will get experimental training in their subject area and then take a final test. Two students from each subject are selected to be in one of the teams to take part in the EOES competition.

Provisional timeline, subject to change:

Stage Date # students activity and location
IrEOES Round 1 registration Tue 02/11/2021 unlimited registration deadline
IrEOES Round 1 Sat 06/11/2021 230 one hour online test (at home)
IrEOES Round 2 Sat 22/01/2022 <=40 per subject three hour test (DCU)
IrEOES Round 3 February midterm 6 per subject experimental training & test (DCU)
EOES team preparation April 2022 6 (2 teams) further training (DCU)
EOES 08/05-14/05/2022 6 (2 teams) EOES2022 in Hradec Králové (CZ)

Feel free to email IrEOES[at] for further information – please do not email people at their individual email addresses.

Paul van Kampen, EOES Country Coordinator for Ireland

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Organising Committee

Dr. Paul van Kampen – CASTeL, School of Physical Sciences, DCU – Country Coordinator and Physics mentor

Dr. Pat O’Malley – CASTeL, School of Chemical Sciences, DCU – Chemistry mentor

Dr. Conor Akintola – School of Biotechnology, DCU – former Biology mentor

Dr. Keith Rochfort – School of Biotechnology, DCU – Biology mentor

For further information contact:

Paul van Kampen
Irish EOES Country Coordinator
Phone: (01) 700 5023
Fax: (01) 700 5287
Email: IrEOES[at]