New project to support primary teachers with teaching about sustainability

Dr. Cliona Murphy, Dr Greg Smith & Dr Orla Kelly, from the school of STEM Education, Innovation and Global Studies, (CASTeL)  were recently awarded funding from the Global Consortium for Sustainability Outcomes (GCSO). This Education project is aimed at supporting primary school teachers from Ireland, Germany, USA and Mexico to effectively teach about sustainability. The project will involve 80 primary school teachers from the four countries participating in a Continuing Professional Development (CPD) programme, based on competencies-oriented sustainability education (Wiek et al., 2011).  The programme will support teachers in helping children to develop essential sustainability competencies while engaging with various subject areas in their respective National Curricula. The project partners will explore the transferability and scalability of the CPD model to establish if the programme can lead to changes in school education, which ultimately would result in a generation of children with deeply rooted sustainability competencies.