Final day of CASTeL Summer school

The 7th Summer school for second level science teachers was held by CASTeL in DCU on the 6th and 7th June. Attended by 27 science teachers, participants had the opportunity to investigate a range of topics suitable for Junior level Science including Energy in the Food System and Climate change and take part in workshops on student thinking in science, the power of student drawings in making their thinking visible, and developing group working skills.

The summer school was coordinated by CASTeL members Eilish McLoughlin, Paul van Kampen, James Lovatt and Odilla Finlayson.  Facilitators included Robert Clarke, Confey College Leixlip, current PhD students and recent graduates Ruth Chadwick, Richard Moynihan, Brigid Moynihan, Damienne Letmon, Enda Carr and Paul Grimes.

This summer school was hosted with the support of the PDST.